The Keeper Recommendations page uses Simulated Draft results to create a player and draft pick valuation table. Then by evaluating each team’s roster and draft picks, the league’s keeper rules and the draft pick valuation table, The Machine calculates the players that have the greatest keeper value in your league. It then makes general recommendations for “trading for” or “trading away” keeper players and draft picks.

Keeper Trade Recommendations

The Machine reports if you have too few or too many keepers. Based on this analysis, The Machine identifies teams to trade with and what players to trade. If you have more top keeper players on your team than your league allows you to keep, try to trade your extra keepers away in exchange for moving up in the draft and vice versa, thereby creating trades that are mutually beneficial.

Pick Optimization Recommendations

The Machine looks at the best picks to use for each keeper on your team and your opponents’ teams and recommends trades that can help optimize keeper values based on your leagues keeper rules. The Machine also identifies opportunities to offer trades that help your opponents optimize their keeper values.  If you have not played in keeper leagues before, this might seem a bit odd; however, the goal is to also improve your team by improving your draft picks as well.

Keeper Recommendations

The bottom section of the page shows base keeper assumptions The Machine generated as a basis for the previous recommendations. Players on your team are highlighted in blue. The Player Value column indicates how much a player improves a team’s probability. The Ideal Pick to Keep column shows The Machine’s calculation of the latest pick in the draft allowed for keeping a player based on the pick used to acquire the player last year and the keeper league rules. Ideal Pick to Keep is calculated regardless of whether the team holding the player has that pick in the draft or not.  Ideal Keeper Value is the value of the player minus the value of the ideal pick to keep.  Best Pick to Keep, Value of Best Pick to Keep and Value of Keeper, are the same calculations as Ideal Pick to Keep, Value of Ideal Pick to Keep and Ideal Keeper Value, except they are calculated using actual draft picks of the team holding the keeper player.

Keeper League Rules

The Keeper League page works based on your league rules which specify how many keepers you can have, what draft pick you must give up based on when the player was acquired last year, and what is the highest round in the draft allowed. Go to League Setup > Keeper and Dynasty League Rules to view and change the rule settings.

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