The Trade Analysis page shows team roster and draft picks for your team and another team in your league.  Each player and draft pick has a value based on their impact to the probability to win using information from the Simulated Draft.  Select players and draft picks to trade and The Machine will dynamically update the page with how much value the trade has to your team and the team you selected to trade with.  If a particular trade is of interest, add it to a queue of trades to be simulated. When you are done selecting trades of interest, simulate the draft before and after each trade to see how the trade impacts your probability to win.

Select a Trade

Select the team you want to trade with and players and draft picks you would like to trade.  As you select various players and draft picks, the Trade Evaluation Table will dynamically update to show the value of the trade to you and your opponent based on probability to win.

Simulating Trades

When you see a trade you like, you can do a deeper analysis by clicking the Add Trade to Simulation Queue button.  The trade will be shown in the Trade Queue table along with the quick analysis value.  When you click Start Simulations, the draft will be simulated with the base set of keepers and then once based on each trade.  When a trade simulation completes, The Machine will measure how much the trade impacted each team’s probability to win and show the result in the Simulated Analysis columns.


Simulating trades can take a long time and require a lot of CPU.  If you don’t have a multi-core computer, you might want to start these simulations when you have no plan to use your computer for a while, such as while you’re sleeping. If you do want to use your computer while the simulations are running, Advanced Sports Logic recommends you open a separate browser window for other browser-related tasks.

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