The Trade Analysis page lets you explore trade opportunities. It measures potential trades by how they impact the probability to win of both your team and the team you are trading with. Trades that are mutually beneficial are the most likely to be accepted by the owner of the other team.

The goal is to make many favorable trade transactions. Only two things should matter to you about each trade:

  1. Does it benefit your team
  2. What is the likelihood the other team owner will accept it

Do not be overly concerned if it helps the other team more than yours. The sum of each team's probability to win is always 100%, so if one team is getting better, other teams are getting worse.

The difference between the Trade Analysis page and the Trade Recommendations page is that Trade Analysis explores one possible trade at a time. Trade Recommendations will explore all trades up to 3x3 in your league and informs you of the best trade proposals to offer.

*Note: If the opposing team's Value are 0, this is because their team no longer has a chance to win so changing players will not impact their probability to win.

Why does the win probability before the trade not match the win probability on the home page?

The win probability on the home page is based on your current roster. The win probability before trade on the Trade Analysis trade is what each team's win probability would be if they took full advantage of waivers based on The Machine's season calculator.

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