The Trade Recommendations feature enables you to search through the millions of possible trade combinations. Trades that are mutually beneficial are more likely to be accepted by your opponent. By finding mutually beneficial trades for both teams involved, it provides you with the guidance you need to complete as many helpful trades as possible.

Note: In general, you shouldn’t be concerned if a trade helps your opponent more than you or if your opponent has a better probability of winning. The only thing that matters is if your team's probability to win is improving. Any improvement your opponent receives reduces all the other team's probability to win.

Max Number of Players

The Max Number of Players from each team allows you to select how many players from each team The Machine will consider for trading. The default is 2x2. This provides a reasonable number of possibilities within a reasonable amount of time. For advanced play, you can run using 3x3.

Note: The number of possibilities grows exponentially and so does the runtime. Be prepared to let The Machine run overnight if you run 3x3 Trade Recommendations.

Team Selection

If you know one of the players in your league is inactive, or you wish to target a specific team or set of teams, you can reduce The Machine's runtime by deselecting some of the teams. Check or uncheck the teams in the Trade column. Due to some of the optimizations, The Machine will run faster overall if you run all the teams you want to trade with at the same time versus one at a time.

Position Selection

You can further reduce The Machine's runtime by deselecting positions you are not interested in trading. Check or uncheck the positions in the Trade column. Typically, you might want to deselect kickers and defense.

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