The Playoffs page shows how your team is projected to do in the playoffs.

Projected Fantasy Points

The first table shows projected fantasy points for each team. Inner Workings icons  above the table give a graphical representation of each team's fantasy point probability distribution.  As your season progresses, The Machine constantly makes tradeoffs between winning enough games to get to the playoffs version winning each game in the playoffs.  The goal is to get to the playoffs with probability distributions in the playoffs to the far-right of all other teams.  Using The Machine for waivers and trades during the season is your secret weapon to stock up on top playoff players before everyone else does.

Playoff Seed Probabilities Table

This table shows each teams probability to be a particular seed going into the playoffs.  The Machine assumes seeds are decided by ranking top in-season results and assuring each team that wins a division gets a playoff seed.  A probability probe to the right of the table enables you to see the data graphically.

Playoff Matchup Win Probabilities Table

This table shows the probability each team will enter into and win a particular playoff matchup.

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