The Initial Draft Order page enables you to seed the draft order by specifying the order of draft picks in the first round. It also enables you to indicate that you have an auction style draft.

Initializing Your Draft Order

Select the Number of Rounds in your draft, and whether the draft type is a Round Robin, Serpentine or Auction style. You can reset the order by clicking the Reset button.
To match the initial order of your draft (before trades), drag and drop teams in the table. This order is used to seed the remaining rounds of your draft setup. Use the Detailed Draft Order page to set the final draft order to reflect draft pick trades.

League Setup Check

When you navigate away from the League Setup pages, The Machine will perform a check to ensure the changes you made to the league setup are valid. If an invalid or incomplete setting has been made, a warning message pops up with details about the issue and a recommendation of how to fix it. You will not be able to navigate away from the League Setup pages until your setup passes this check.


The Machine detects when you make changes that require recalculation. When you navigate away from the League Setup pages, and assuming your setup passes all checks, you will be re-directed to the Home page. The Machine will rerun the full season calculations based on your new settings.

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