The Waiver Recommendations page is helps you make the most opportunity of the waiver wire each week. There are four steps to get waiver recommendations. First, all players on your roster are dropped one at a time to see how much their loss hurts your team's probability to win the championship. Next, you can set various options to define how you want The Machine to create recommendations. When you click the GET RECOMMENDATIONS button, The Machine evaluates all valid waiver combinations between the lowest unretained player of each position and top available free agents of each position. Finally, it runs a complex algorithm to make recommendations that take full advantage of all waiver rounds in your league.


Click the Retain box for players you do not want considered for waivers. When you retain a player, the player of the same position with the next lowest value will be considered instead. The Machine does not give consideration to the keeper value of players. If you are in a keeper league, you will likely want to retain some of your players that have potential value later in the season or next year.


Click on the Lock box for positions you only want to consider switching with players of the same position. If you have strict roster allocation rules you might need to select Lock for all positions.


Clock on the Limit box for positions you only want to acquire with players of the same position. This is different than Lock. For example, if you lock DEF/ST, then The Machine will add DEF/ST for dropping DEF/ST and vise versa. If you click Limit, The Machine will add any position for dropping DEF/ST and only add DEF/ST for dropping DEF/ST. This is helpful when you don't want to add any more of a specific position to your team, but you are willing to consider letting go of one player of that position.

First-Come, First-Serve

Select First-Come First-Server for leagues that do not have waiver rounds. This could be a league that has a waiver rotation such as from last place team to first place team, or if you waiver request is processed immediately after entering it.

Blind Bidding

Select Blind Bidding for leagues where all teams enter their waiver requests and then the requests are all processed at one time. Some leagues have unlimited rounds, others have a maximum number of rounds. Select the maximum number of rounds your league allows. The Machine sorts your best waiver options so you don't drop the same player or add the same position it two different rounds. It runs a complex algorithm to maximize the likelihood of obtaining a valuable player at its maximum value.

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