Draft Pick Recommendations provides recommended draft picks based on your player projection customizations and your league setup.

Modes of Operation

There are two modes of operation, manual and automatic. In manual mode, as other members of your league make picks, drag-and-drop their selections from the free agent tables at the bottom of the page into the draft board. When you release the player you are dragging, it will always drop into the next open spot on the draft board no matter where you release it on the table, so you don't have to worry about being precise with your mouse movements.

Automatic mode is only available when we have a fully implemented link with your league provider. Every five seconds The Machine will poll your league data to see if any new picks have occurred. The draft board will update automatically.

Regardless of the mode of operation, as each selection is entered into the draft board, the pie chart on the top right will update showing each team's probability to win the championship. Win percentage is based on the assumption that the remaining undrafted roster spots are filled with the average of the remaining available players and nothing changes in the league for the rest of the year.


When your team is on the clock, The Machine will automatically start its draft pick recommendations algorithm. It will try the top free agent of every position, then go back and try additional players of the positions for which you have the greatest need. You can watch the Draft Pick Recommendations table update as The Machine runs through the possibilities. When it completes you will see a list of recommended selections in order from those that give you the greatest probability of winning to the least. Also, the Need by Position bar chart will update so you can see relative need for each possible position. The need for a particular position is based on many factors, including your previous selections, value available, injury rates by position, and if the position has a steep drop off of top available players.

Why Doesn't It Always Recommend The Top Available Player of a Position?

Wow, great question! The Machine is simulating your entire fantasy football season, including your weekly matchups and playoff scenario. Since the base of our projections, come from FantasySharks and since FantasySharks simulates all future NFL games each week, The Machine is able to optimize weekly player performance to where you need it most, such as your playoffs, or when a main starter has a bye week or is against a tough opponent. Given these considerations, often times the top available free agent, based solely on fantasy points, is not your best pick.

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