The Home page provides an overview of your league and team information.

Win Probabilities

The Season Probabilities and Current Week Probabilities show various win probabilities for your team, including probability to make the playoffs and to win the championship. To view more detail about these probabilities, click on any of the Inner Workings Icon .

Team Standings

The Team Standings table shows your team's current standing, based on the win criterion of your league, wins, fantasy points, or victory points. Click on any of the team names in your league and the Home page will show the win probability and team roster information for the team you select.

Team Roster

The Team Roster table shows your team and the projected fantasy points for each player for the current week and remainder of the season. Prior to and including the draft, The Machine fills empty roster slots with pseudo-players. For example, you might see players named QB1, RB1, etc.  Pseudo-players are generated based on averaging undrafted players to create representative draft results.

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