The My Account page provides information about your account and leagues, and enables you to purchase a base license or add additional leagues.

Account Information

Includes personal information including your registered email address, license type, the number of league leagues you have purchased, and the version of The Machine you are using. You can also change your email address or password.

Account Setup

A base license is required to begin using The Machine, which starts your account with one league. You can purchase a base license by clicking the Buy Now button to be guided to our website, where you can make your purchase. Your purchases will be processed through PayPal. After completing your purchase, your license number will be sent to your registered email address. Enter this number into the License Number field and click Add to activate your first league. To complete league setup, you will be asked for additional information about your team. To add a new league to your base license, click the Add League button which will appear after your base license is entered.

League Information

Displays information about the leagues you have set up. If you make a mistake entering your league information, you can re-enter your team information by clicking the Re-Enter button. Note: To prevent unauthorized use, you will have access to this button up to three times only.

Once your league is set up, click the Go button to load your league and go to the Home page.

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