Rate My Team is Advanced Sports Logic’s free software that is designed to help you evaluate your roster compared to the other teams in your league and identify opportunities for improvement.


Grades your team on your expected probability to win in both the regular season and the playoffs.

Regular season:

Grades your team based on how it is expected to perform in the regular season.

Playoff Analysis:

Grades your team on how well your roster is optimized for your critical playoff matchups.

Focus for Improvement:

Informs you of opportunities where you can improve upon weaknesses in your roster.

Weekly and Positional Breakdown:

Provides a detailed analysis of where your projected starters rank compared with others in the league for each starting position in your league. Note, a starter is not necessarily a player, but combined strength of the players on your roster that can fill that starting position. If you have only one tight end (TE) on your roster, it will not be as good as having two TEs on your roster, even if they are projected to earn the same fantasy points. This is because The Machine factors in injury probabilities and projection variability. A lower the rank (and the more green the color, the better! Above the table, you can switch to viewing the table by fantasy points. When you view the table by fantasy points you will see how much above or below average your expected fantasy points for each starting position. The bottom, shows your probability to win each of your matchups based on your optimal lineup.  

Waiver Analysis:

Running waiver analysis will analyze the free agent pool in your league, using your waiver rules to see measure and report your opportunity for improvement.

Trade Analysis:

Running trade analysis will search for 1x1 trade opportunities for your team that benefit your team and your opponents team.

For more detailed guideance on who to start and sit, who to pick up in free agency, and who to trade for, please consider purchasing a product from ASL’s Recommended Product Center by clicking the icon that best meets your needs.

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