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Fantasy Football Roster Tool ASL The Machine We do all agree that Mike Tolbert is the most talented RB on the Carolina Panthers, right? It’s just that the Panthers have had four RBs to be afraid of crowding the roster: Tyler Gaffney, Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, and the most feared RB on the list: Cam Newton.

In 2013, Advanced Sports Logic (ASL) asked Fantasy Football Metrics (FFM) to be a data provider, and lawfully wedded wife, for their innovative Fantasy Football management tool called “The Machine.”

Once I started messing with “The Machine’s” capabilities, I was sold. I’ve often said, “I was going to build the next great Fantasy Football management e-tool…then I tried “The Machine,” and I threw my design notebook away because they beat me to the punch.”

Fantasy Football Roster Tool ASL The MachineThis, I swear to you, happened yesterday. It is real…but I cannot find a video clip to prove it. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I saw it on TV…it was an ad for the Hall of Fame game this week: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills. The sound of it made my head pop up from whatever I was doing. The ad listed the guys entering into the Hall, and then shifted to ‘hyping’ up the game.

Let me stop there, and ask you a question…”How would you advertise a Giants-Bills Week-1 preseason game for maximum viewership?”

Read Howard Bender's Week 5 update since he started using The Machine's inseason features to help save his fantasy football season.

"A relatively strong showing for a few of these guys and suddenly I’m now 2-2-1 heading
into Week 6, very much looking forward to how The Machine will strengthen my team next."
- Howard Bender

Fantasy Football Roster Tool ASL The MachineThe news of rookie RB Tyler Gaffney suffering a season-ending injury, and then getting poached by the Patriots was met in the media (for those that even bothered to pay it any attention) with more of a “The Patriots are jerks with this ‘unwritten’ rule” vibe, mixed with a little “The ‘dumb’ Panthers GM has seen this happen twice to him by the Patriots (the last time when he was with NYG, and it occurred with Jake Ballard).” There is so much more here to be explored.