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Fantasy Football Roster Tool ASL The Machine We do all agree that Mike Tolbert is the most talented RB on the Carolina Panthers, right? It’s just that the Panthers have had four RBs to be afraid of crowding the roster: Tyler Gaffney, Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, and the most feared RB on the list: Cam Newton.

Tom Casale gives his Week 2 recap of The Fire Sale.

"I have to hand it to ASL's The Machine software system I’m trying out this year. They’ve had Bell highly rated all summer long and had him as the top free agent in my leagues where he wasn’t drafted. I liked Bell last year and as a handcuff to Bush this season but was afraid his overall fantasy value would be limited in 2013. I was wrong." - Tom Casale

Fantasy Football Roster Tool ASL The MachineThis, I swear to you, happened yesterday. It is real…but I cannot find a video clip to prove it. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I saw it on TV…it was an ad for the Hall of Fame game this week: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills. The sound of it made my head pop up from whatever I was doing. The ad listed the guys entering into the Hall, and then shifted to ‘hyping’ up the game.

Let me stop there, and ask you a question…”How would you advertise a Giants-Bills Week-1 preseason game for maximum viewership?”

Read Howard Bender's experience in using The Machine to help try and save his fantasy football season.

"Knowing that The Machine was more than just a tool to use for drafting, I asked for help. The Machine calculates win probability for your current roster, analyzes players on your waiver wire, analyzes opposing teams’ rosters and makes suggestions for both waiver pick-ups and trades. New calculations can be made on a daily basis as The Machine gets all the latest team information as well, so recent injuries and each player’s injury probability is accounted for in the decision-making process. Seriously, what more could you ask for in a partner?" - Howard Bender

Fantasy Football Roster Tool ASL The MachineThe news of rookie RB Tyler Gaffney suffering a season-ending injury, and then getting poached by the Patriots was met in the media (for those that even bothered to pay it any attention) with more of a “The Patriots are jerks with this ‘unwritten’ rule” vibe, mixed with a little “The ‘dumb’ Panthers GM has seen this happen twice to him by the Patriots (the last time when he was with NYG, and it occurred with Jake Ballard).” There is so much more here to be explored.

Read Rick Wolf's recap on how The Machine did in its three-part high stakes draft challenge against The Oracle (Ray Flowers). He recaps how The Machine did against Ray in all three rounds:

"Winning is fun don’t get me wrong, but more fun when you make good decisions. You will make BETTER SMARTER decisions with The Machine." - Rick Wolf

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In 2013, Advanced Sports Logic (ASL) asked Fantasy Football Metrics (FFM) to be a data provider, and lawfully wedded wife, for their innovative Fantasy Football management tool called “The Machine.”

Once I started messing with “The Machine’s” capabilities, I was sold. I’ve often said, “I was going to build the next great Fantasy Football management e-tool…then I tried “The Machine,” and I threw my design notebook away because they beat me to the punch.”

Want to see how The Machine did against The Oracle (Ray Flowers) in the fantasy football draft challenge? Here are Ray's recaps of what happened in the three nail-biting challenge rounds:

How do you think The Machine did?

Read Howard Bender's Week 5 update since he started using The Machine's inseason features to help save his fantasy football season.

"A relatively strong showing for a few of these guys and suddenly I’m now 2-2-1 heading
into Week 6, very much looking forward to how The Machine will strengthen my team next."
- Howard Bender


Rochester, NH (August 26, 2013) – Advanced Sports Logic, Inc. (ASL), the maker of The Machine family of fantasy football tools, announced today a series of three (3) fantasy football drafts where a human using The Machine will take on renowned fantasy football expert and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Host Ray Flowers, also known as The Oracle.  The challenge will consist of the three drafts live on Real-Time Fantasy Sports (RTSports.com):

  • Draft 1:  Monday August 26th at 10:00 PM ET
  • Draft 2:  Thursday August 29th at 10:00 PM ET
  • Draft 3:  Tuesday September 3rd at 1:00 PM ET

First, there was Deep Blue competing against chess champion Garry Kasparov.  Then, there was Watson competing against Jeopardy super champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.  Now, we have created a best of three leagues series where a human getting advised by The Machine will go head-to-head against fantasy football expert Ray Flowers.

“We invented The Machine to make it easier to play fantasy football competitively.  We want all sports fans to be able to play fantasy football with confidence,” said Leonard LaPadula, CEO. “Ray Flowers is one of the best fantasy football players there is and it is time to put our win-based math to the test against the best of the best."

“When presented with this challenge, I was intrigued,” said Ray Flowers, aka The Oracle. “I checked out The Machine and even though the math is good, it is no match for football knowledge and drafting experience."

The results of the three drafts will be published on RTSports.com. Flowers will provide his analysis of each draft in an exclusive online column for USA TODAY Sports. He’ll take a look at the top picks in the draft and compare how his team stacks up against The Machine. The columns will be a featured component of USA TODAY Sports’ celebration of “Fantasy Football Week in America,” which will run from Aug. 26 to Sept. 4, leading up to the start of the regular season. Complete Fantasy Football