The team at Advanced Sports Logic is humbled by the flattering testimonial of one of our newest but already most prolific users of The Machine. See what kind words he had to say about us:

"I am what most people would consider an extreme fantasy football player. I play in more than 50 Dynasty leagues every year, and have been doing this for the past 8 years. Doing this on a budget, means you have to win. Winning means you have to have the best tools. I have used various subscriptions to countless sites over the years. I have only been using The Machine for a month, and already it has provided me with more useful data than many of these sites provided me in years. It is my true belief that this is the most innovative set of tools I have ever used. It has already helped me decide on cuts, trades, pickups, draft picks, overall team evaluation, and soon it will be helping me make those tough season saving roster calls.  Wins are a matter of fractions of points more times than we are willing to admit. The Machine will help you find those points and more.  

Beyond that, Leonard and his team are above and beyond any company I have ever dealt with in terms of support and communication. Not only do they respond quickly to questions or problems, they also are constantly looking for ideas to improve their product.

To anyone who is serious about fantasy football, I offer this piece of advice... get The Machine, before the rest of your league does."

- Josh R.