Leonard LaPadula - CEO

I had a very exciting night / morning! Earlier this week we got all basic pre-draft features running.  Last night we completed our integration to the AccuScore 2012 projection feed.

Using The Machine for a pre-draft review, I learned a few interesting things about my teams:

  • My dynasty team, which I inherited from a friend this year, has a 2.2% probability of winning the championship and that when I traded the first overall pick away in February, I hurt my team by about 3% -- too bad considering I didn’t have The Machine then.
  • One of my keeper teams has only 2 good keepers and I should trade for another one.
  • My other keeper team has 4 good keepers and I should trade one away.

What does this all mean?  It means that the 2012 dynasty league and keeper pre-draft features are already beginning to give great recommendations.

Some work remains to be polished to fine tune these features; but, just to give you a sneak preview, here are some screen shots to show the new pre-draft features anticipated to be available June 7.

This first screenshot is of my dynasty league’s probability to win:


The next table shows the difference in value between the projected first overall pick and the second overall pick.

Next are recommendations for my keeper league with an extra keeper.

And the final screen shot shows the keeper league where I should trade for an additional keeper.

This is our first year with these new features in The Machine.  I believe this is the beginning of something that will make playing fantasy football in the offseason a lot more fun.