Prelude: Sorry for the commercial/novella here, but this is a nice partnership for us, and we think it is a product/service that many of you will enjoy. I don't want Fantasy Football Metrics to be shills for any old company that would reach out to us. I only want to promote things, and people I believe in. This is one of them. Indulge me for a moment here.

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Now, read what the heck this is all about...

I have to tell you that I simultaneously love and hate Advanced Sports Logic's Fantasy Football system called "The Machine." That's correct -- I just used the first sentence after publicly announcing our partnership to say, "I hate them." That's textbook Marketing 101, right? The reason for this emotion is that I am jealous of them. But that's also the reason why I love this partnership for Fantasy Football Metrics readers and clients.

One of my dreams for Fantasy Football Metrics' future was to establish ourselves in the football scouting community, and become a recognized asset for football player analysis. If we could prove worthy in our scouting style, then we would go on to further aid Fantasy Football GMs by developing technologies that would simplify the analytics and decision-making in drafts, trades, sit/starts, waivers, etc. We would take over the Fantasy Football world by developing e-tools that would quickly assist the Fantasy GM from draft day to the final week of the Fantasy season. It was a genius plan; trust me. Then I found out that Advanced Sports Logic had been secretly reading my thoughts through my cell phone and/or web cam, and had beaten me to the punch.

Actually, I wish I could claim that they stole my idea through mental telepathy, or some other devious means. The truth is that my great vision pales in comparison to how Advanced Sports Logic has thought through, designed, and executed their Fantasy Football tool called "The Machine."

As most of you know, I am one of America's great wordsmiths. At least that's what one emailer told me last year. However, my words fail to fully describe what this system does. "The Machine" has to be seen to be appreciated. I am not asking you to purchase it blindly, or to love it sight unseen. All I am asking that you take a few minutes to click on the links below (YouTube demonstrations) just to see what Advanced Sports Logic has developed, and to see if this might be something you would be interested in. It's pretty slick.

My best synopsis of this system is -- "The Machine" is a Fantasy Football program that, for lack of a better word, "attaches" itself to your league when you activate it. This is not a system where you do 90% of the set up and effort, and then the system finally does some fancy thinkin' for you. Once you activate "The Machine" does most of the heavy lifting of importing all of your league rules, scoring systems, etc. and starts to prepare your private computations and recommendations. Watch the video (link is on bottom of this article) on what "The Machine" will do for you during a live Fantasy Football Draft -- it is mind-blowing.

"The Machine" logs in the picks as they happen in a live draft; and it is also simultaneously calculating how each team in the league is doing after every pick using "Win Probability" percentages (these are the percentage probabilities of winning the league based upon the players Vegas odds in a sense). With "The Machine," you have instant feedback on how everyone's draft is going in real-time, but better than that -- "The Machine" calculates, and recommends the most statistically advantageous next pick based on what you have already selected and what everyone else has done, or probably will do. "The Machine" will instantly give you the best statistical recommendations in "Win Probability" order after each team's pick, but ultimately, you will make your own choices. "The Machine" is there as an additional tool, like an e-Assistant General Manager, working on your behalf.

You will want to participate in Fantasy Football drafts, just to watch the "Win Probability" percentages shifting from pick-to-pick. It's like watching real-time stock market prices in action. It's a game within the game. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video.

"The Machine" is not just for use as a draft aid, there are other management tools available within it as well. The system was also designed to be a Fantasy owner's e-Assistant GM all season. Again, "The Machine" attaches itself to your league. It knows what is happening with each team -- it makes starting lineup decisions, makes waiver recommendations, and is a trade analysis tool. "The Machine" isn't looking at a static moment of figuring out which player is generally more talented than another. "The Machine" plays out proposed trades, and waiver moves, by looking at the rest of the player's remaining schedule and anticipated scoring ahead. "The Machine" communicates back to you any scenario you want to play with in "Win Probability" percentage terms. You make the final call.

After you are impressed by "The Machine's" overall concept and demonstrations, you will likely ask the following -- "where is The Machine getting its football information from?" Ah ha, that's where Fantasy Football Metrics comes in.

Advanced Sports Logic built "The Machine" as a great technology enhancement for the Fantasy Football GM. First, they focused on the e-tool aspects, the ease and aesthetics of the user experience. Step-two was to then develop the "brains" for "The Machine" to do its calculation wizardry. That's where the next step of their genius comes in. Instead of conjuring up their own in-house data, or creating a "projection stew" based upon data from all the mainstream names, the team at Advanced Sports Logic did something different. They did something radical.

Advanced Sports Logic scoured the Fantasy Football universe for the recently established, and the up and coming, football analytics companies out there. They would use cutting-edge Fantasy Football firms to provide their scouting and projection guidance. They began to search for the proper four, radical Fantasy Football groups that could make up the football brains of "The Machine."

Perhaps you've heard of Pro Football Focus? They are one piece of "The Machine" puzzle. Fantasy Sharks and Pyromaniac have joined PFF to become 75% of this grand equation. Guess which company is the final member of this esteemed "Four Horsemen of the Fantasy Football Apocalypse?"

What are we doing with these other three companies? Why are we working with these three competitors? All four groups are providing "The Machine" with player data and analysis in various forms. "The Machine" then does all the lightning-fast analysis you ask for. Think of it as a kind of Pandora Radio for Fantasy Football. You like music by Band-A? Most people who like Band-A also listen to music by Band-G, so Band-G offerings are proposed as well. With "The Machine," you have four Fantasy Football analytic groups working together as a "super-group" (if I may be so bold). And just like Pandora, you don't have to take every recommendation. This tool is meant to enhance your Fantasy Football management, not to take it over...unless you want it to...because it will if that's your desire.

The first thing everyone asks me about this venture is, "Aren't you competing with yourself? "The Machine" has your data!" Yes and no. Fantasy Football Metrics provides data and projections on players along with the other providers. "The Machine" is not providing scouting commentary, or exclusively using our data alone. Their main objective is compiling top-shelf data and making it easier for you to work with it within your league's scoring system and parameters. I envision that you will still do everything in your Fantasy Football prep that you do already -- only now you have this additional aid at the press of a button, and can get real-time advice and guidance based on mathematics and analytics. You are not a slave to its options; you are enhanced by it.

"The Machine" is a very slick tool for Fantasy Football management, available at a very reasonable price...nay a complete bargain for what it does and it's functionality. Fantasy Football Metrics is excited and proud to be a part of this venture.

Below are the links to various demonstrations of "The Machine" in action. See if any of them might be of use to you in your upcoming drafts and league play. If you decide to give it a whirl, we ask that you click-through "The Machine" banner on our website, so that we can be credited with the assist.

Thank You!

**One additional side note, because this matters to me when I am "shopping" or considering any technology product, service or app...

I have been working closely with the team at Advanced Sports Logic in 2013, and I can assure you that this is not a fly-by-night operation, or a bunch or tech geeks with no business sense. During my time at Fantasy Football Metrics, and my time in management with Corporate America all over the U.S., I can tell you that most business owners and its managers, along with their company's dedication to service, and attention to detail is usually very disappointing when you get to see behind their curtain. It's sad, but true. It's not true with Advanced Sports Logic.

The team at Advanced Sports Logic mixes real world, high-level business and mathematics experience with an incredible Fantasy wealth of experience (see their bios on their website). I am not saying this to be a car salesman. Consider or don't consider "The Machine," it's your decision. It doesn't really need my velvet words once you see and experience it. My point is: Do not fear a situation of being left holding the bag with junky technology that sounded good initially, and burned by a company that doesn't stand behind its product. If you like what you see in the demonstration, the rug will not be pulled from underneath you in reality. My entire experience with their team has been sensational. As you know, I complain about everything. So, if it changes, you will know, as I will begin complaining about them.

Good luck, and Godspeed.