To our Customers and Partners,

Thank you for helping to make 2013 a banner year for Advanced Sports Logic. Some of the major milestones we accomplished are:

  • Improved League Support: We refined our support with all league providers, especially with ESPN and Yahoo leagues.
  • Better Player Projections: We added Pro Football Focus and Fantasy Football Metrics to the mix of FantasySharks and CBS Sports writers, Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard, and Nathan Zegura as our projection providers. We also improved our blending methods and overall projection quality.
  • Injury Predictions: To further improve projection quality, we integrated a valuable third party product, Sports Injury Predictor, into The Machine. Injuries in the NFL this year dramatically impacted fantasy teams. Sports Injury Predictor helps you navigate player injury risk.
  • Smarter Line-Up Recommendations: We made Starting Line-Up Recommendations smarter by recognizing your current line-up setting and understanding which players already played. Also, for CBS Sports, MyFantasyLeague, and RealTime Fantasy Sports, you can set your lineups from directly within The Machine.
  • Tailored Waiver Recommendations: Now the Waiver Recommendations feature is tailored specifically for half-a-dozen waiver systems. So whether your league has worst-to-first rotation, first-come-first-served, waiver groups with bidding bucks, or blind bidding rounds, or some combination, The Machine’s waiver recommendations will be exactly right for your league. We also make waivers run faster, and we enable you to set the weighting between picking up players to help you win in the current week versus picking up players to help you down the stretch.
  • Faster Trades: Trade Analysis and Trade Recommendations no longer need to run the pseudo-waiver process first, making both features run faster.

What was the result of these improvements?

  • Over two-thirds of you that actively used our free product, Ask The Machine, made it to your playoffs!
  • As a group, those of you that purchased and used The Machine’s guidance for your draft and for at least the first six weeks of the season, ended up almost tripling the likelihood you will win your league compared with average.
  • Finally, our growth is on pace to exceed 100,000 users in 2014.

Nevertheless, the team at Advanced Sports Logic is fervently striving for further improvements in 2014. This year “mobile, usability, speed and co-pilot” is our mantra. We have never been more excited about our plans as we are for 2014:

  • Mobile: We plan to launch our full production version of The Machine mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, including faster, easier to use interfaces and incorporating our latest in-season feature enhancements. We also plan to make The Machine and Trade Judge available for tablet devices.

  • Usability: We are changing the menus to make it easier to find and navigate to the features you use most. We are also making improvements to the look and feel.

  • Speed: We will be making The Machine load faster. There are many areas for us to optimize, but the greatest challenge has to do with loading player projections. The Machine loads projected weekly stats for the full season for six projection providers.

  • Co-Pilot: Finally, we plan to provide you with a powerful co-pilot feature. When it is time to set line-ups or waivers, the co-pilot feature will send you an email with a link. Click the link and your lineup or waiver recommendations will pop-up. All you have to do is review and submit. Nothing could be easier!

So, again a big thank you from all of us at Advanced Sports Logic to all of our customers for your patronage, encouragement, suggestions and patience as we continue to strive for excellence.

We want to thank our partners at CBS Sports, MyFantasyLeague, and RealTime Fantasy Sports for working together to create a better fantasy football experience.

We also thank FantasySharks, Fantasy Football Metrics, ProFootball Focus, Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, and Nathan Zegura for their player projections.

Finally, we also want to thank Sports Injury Predictor, Fantasy Alarm, RotoInfo (now merged with Fantasy Alarm), and Sports Data for providing valuable content and building a more complete highly integrated experience.

To customers and partners alike, we wish you happy holidays and look forward to all the great things we can do together in 2014!


The Advanced Sports Logic Team