To Our Customers,

Here we are, on the cusp of another fantasy football season. We are working hard to get the word out about The Machine, but the team at Advanced Sports Logic will never be too busy to play fantasy football. This year I will be playing in 11 leagues and like last year, will be completely depending on The Machine. Last year, I went to the playoffs in 5 of my 8 leagues and won two championships. I never get tired of winning. Two of eight victories aren’t enough. Even though the average team has a 9% probability to win and I won 25% of my leagues, I am not satisfied. I want to win more. I still need to make up for all those years I came in 2nd to last place before inventing The Machine in 2009.

It is my personal goal that The Machine will someday help guide 50% of all teams to victory. The team at Advanced Sports Logic has been working incredibly hard to make The Machine even smarter by focusing on deep improvements and to partner with great companies, such as RotoInfo, FantasyAlarm, FantasySharks, ProFootball Focus Fantasy, Fantasy Football Metrics and Pyromaniac to bring you great content and the most accurate projections.

I am also excited about a new partnership with Sports Injury Predictor. Sports Injury Predictor has done an incredibly in-depth study of injury related analytics and their comprehensive injury probability projections will soon be available as a free trial integrated into The Machine’s math. 

So, this year I have reason to be optimistic that this will be my best season of fantasy football ever. Before The Machine, I never had a championship and in 5 years, in a league where half the teams go to the playoffs every year, I only made the playoffs once. My football knowledge, if anything has decreased, since perfecting The Machine takes every my waking moment. So if The Machine can bring me to playoffs and championships in Dynasty, Keeper, IDP, and public expert leagues year after year…

The Machine can help you too!

  • This year The Machine is integrated with ESPN, CBS Sports, MyFantasyLeague, RealTime Fantasy Sports and Yahoo, including full draft synchronization.
  • The Machine automatically loads your league settings and its features are easy to use.
  • The Machine handles the most complex of leagues, with three-year team optimization for dynasty and keeper teams, custom scoring rules inclusive of punters, coach and IDP leagues, incredibly complex flex positions, roster sizes of over 100 players, and leagues with more than 50 teams.
  • The Machine’s win-based math is the secret ingredient. It is the only fantasy football product that can accurately measure your probability to win and give you guidance based on how any move will impact that win probability. It takes into account playoffs, injury rates, matchup schedule and backup players. Cheat sheets and Value Based Draft (VBD) algorithms have been around for over a decade. Each year they get prettier with more information, but the underlying algorithm only adds up fantasy point projections as if they are 100% correct. Some have told us The Machine is not as pretty as some of the other guys. True beauty starts on the inside and that is where the beauty of The Machine lies. The Machine knows projections have uncertainty and modeling that uncertainty is what gives The Machine its win-based math capability. VBD, Dynamic VBD are relics of the past, only not everyone knows it yet.

Which would you rather have for your race to the championship this season – a model-T Ford with sports stripes or a Lamborghini painted black? Get the edge now!

Thanks again to our customers and our partners for making July a really fantastic month for Advanced Sports Logic. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to stay apprised of the latest news.

Leonard LaPadula, Founder