Dear Valued Customers,

When Advanced Sports Logic or our products are promoted elsewhere, we usually post a link on our site with a brief one-line introduction. However, when a partner of ours tells us he HATES our product, I just could not help but pick a few choice words of my own. :)

We LOVE Fantasy Football Metrics and the great work R.C. Fischer and his team has assembled. First, the post that R.C. Fisher wrote about The Machine shows the uncompromising integrity and passion of R.C. and his team for doing all possible to give our mutual customers the ultimate edge. Fantasy Football Metrics is a first class operation going deep to get you real facts to help your team, not just blind opinion. For example, I was very impressed that when many in the mainstream were judging Belichick’s character for signing Tim Tebow, R.C. was digging deep to find the attributes of Tebow that might have caused Belichick to give him the opportunity to wear a Patriot’s jersey. To top it off, Fantasy Football Metrics doesn’t stop with articles and commentary on all the players, but puts it all on the line with detailed stat projections; not just vanilla rankings that you can get from about 100 different sites.  Fantasy Football Metrics even projects all weeks of the season EVERY week. Only with information like this can you make trade-offs between players that help you win the regular season and the playoffs, or find the best trades in your league.

Fantasy Football Metrics puts it all together in one of the most comprehensive and well-organized draft guides I have ever seen. The Machine does mind boggling win-probability analysis to find the best players for your every move, but as R.C. points out, the final decisions are yours to make. You can only make those final decisions based on deeper knowledge.  My dynasty draft starts this weekend. I will start with The Machine to find the five or so top players for every pick of my draft, then I will be turning to Fantasy Football Metric’s draft guide to give me an even deeper edge to reign in my dynasty league.  Why settle for merely dominating your league? Own your competition this season with this powerful one-two punch combination.

Leonard LaPadula, Founder