To Our Customers,

For Fantasy Football players, April means NFL Draft. It is time to find out who the best rookies are and what should be done with them as you approach your draft. At Advanced Sports Logic, we have been working hard to make sure that we keep up with all the changes that happen this time of year. We want to make sure that the changes in The Machine products support your league whatever type of a league it is.

If you are in a redraft league, we have done a lot of work to make sure that all of the components necessary to support leagues that draft from scratch run faster and that the recommendations are both data-driven and fantasy football-driven. We are working on The Machine: Draft to make sure that you get the fastest real-time recommendations during your draft. 

If you play in a Keeper or Dynasty League, our products will give constantly updated recommendations for which players to keep right up to your deadline.  For recommendations, we are looking at 3 years of projections and all rookies from the NFL Draft have been processed to give a long term outlook on them so you will be ready to decide what Rookies to draft this pre-season.

From a product standpoint, we are dedicated to having better content. To that end, we have created a partnership with up-and-coming fantasy news site Their breaking news for injuries, playing time and game day Inactives will make our products even better at recommending lineup decisions.

We also are dedicated to the best projections data since that is the fuel for our engine to power the smartest decisions for your fantasy football league. We have signed up another award winning projections partner, Combined with FantasySharks, Pro Football Focus - Fantasy and a not-yet-announced partner, we will deliver deep projections data, blended and analyzed specific to your league, faster and simpler than in the past.

In April, we also committed to porting The Machine products to mobile. We began a project that will provide for four products on your smartphone or tablet: The Machine Draft, Lineup, Waiver and Trade.

It is an exciting time at Advanced Sports Logic, so STAY TUNED. Much more to come.

Thanks for your continued support,
The Advanced Sports Logic Team