Leonard LaPadula - CEO

I am excited to report mid-season performance of The Machine. We collect weekly metrics data to see how our customers' teams are doing and to ensure we continually improve our product.

The mid-season results are in — customers in 12-team leagues that used The Machine for their draft showed a 15.8% probability to win. On average, a customers in a 12-team league has an 8.3% probability to win. So by using The Machine, they are almost doubling their probability to win. 

I personally play in 3 leagues - the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) Expert's Contest, a CBS Double Diamond League, and a private MyFantasyLeague called Hog Wild. All three of my teams are 5-1 and my probability to win each league averages 33%.

The FSTA Expert's Pick Contest is a publicly viewable league which can be found at: http://www34.myfantasyleague.com/2011/home/14552#0

Here are snapshots from the HOME page of The Machine for each of my three leagues:

Fantasy Football is played for a lot more reasons than just winning a pot of money at the end of the season, but when it happens getting that check at the end of the season is always a sweet feeling. So assuming the probabilities we are measuring carry through to the end of the year and The Machine ultimately does increase the average person's chance of winning by 7.5%, what is the return on investment (ROI) for purchasing The Machine for a single league assuming a purchase price of $25, that your entry fee is $100 and the first place prize is $600. 7.5% of $600 is $45. Therefore the average ROI for purchasing The Machine for only a single $100-league is $20 - smart move! It gets only better if you play in multiple leagues or in higher prize money leagues.