Rob Freeman - Application Consultant

Calculators, coffee makers, smart phones – people use machines for just about every one of our daily needs. But what about a machine that could help dominate and win a fantasy football league?  How about if that league is a 32-team league, QBs are the dominate position and I have the 23rd draft pick and I know the best QBs will be long gone by then? Find me a machine that does that and I would definitely use it!

I'd like to think that I’m a pretty good fantasy football player on my own. My teams are generally in the race for the playoffs and I usually win at least one of my three personal leagues each year. So while that might be admirable enough for contentment, it's not enough winning for me!

My recipe for winning used to be to watch the ESPN full player coverage at draft time.  I would take notes on each promising fantasy draft pick that landed on a team that would know how to use him, and then carefully follow these players throughout the preseason.

Then to stay on top the important player movement, injuries, and to try to discover new talent before everyone else, I would pay up to $50 and receive up to date player news, predictions and metrics data, such as a breakdown of offensive line strengths or historical team trend. Frankly, I just don't have the time to read 800 pages of NFL team and player data. Over the years I have learned that what I really need is just a guru or source that is accurate in its projections and timely with its recommendations. I have found that The Machine by Advanced Sports Logic does just that!

The Machine automatically loads my league rules, schedule and team rosters, and seamlessly delivers recommendations for what players I should draft, start/sit, pick up on waivers and trade. The math in The Machine is way beyond anything I could have imagined. It tells me multiple suggestions for each move and tells me exactly how each player it recommends helps my team win.

One of my favorite aspects about The Machine is that it recommends multiple top players for each draft pick and for every move. In the later rounds of a draft, The Machine excels even more, because it can sort through hundreds of players and do thousands of calculations, taking into account injury rates, how different matchup schedules of your teams starters and backups blend, and the all-important playoff matchups through every round of the draft. A lot of names pop up that a draft magazine would never even list. The Machine's winning algorithms build a complete team, not just a team with two studs and a bunch of duds.

For example, already at a disadvantage with the 23rd pick and the best QBs off the board, The Machine knew a top wide receiver would give me the best value and so I drafted Julio Jones in the first round.

Among the teams represented in the All-Pro 32-Team Experts’ League are reputable fantasy sports media giants: USA Today, Pro Football Weekly, Rotowire, Fantasy Sharks, and The Huddle. (Notably absent were teams from Draft Dominator, Draft Analyzer and Bloomberg.)  With passing touchdown worth six points, having an early draft pick to take one of the top QBs, such as Rogers, Brees or Brady is clearly an advantage. With such an incredible set of opponents and the best QBs off the board about fifteen picks before my first pick, I felt the odds were overwhelming stacked against me.

At the 23rd pick my intuition was telling me to jump on the best quarterback available but doing way more math than I can imagine, The Machine recommended Julio Jones, a player that I liked. So I took him. An injured Adrian Pederson was staring me in the face at my second pick, # 42 overall. It relieved some of my stress when The Machine wanted me to pick him. The third round was the time to get the TeamQB. I picked the Bengals with Andy Dalton, choosing from two that The Machine also liked. In the sixth came a player that I had forgotten about until The Machine recommended him; Rashard Mendenhall. I was really beginning to like my team and am very happy with how that has turned out. The Machine has since found a waiver pickup in TE Brandon Myers who currently has 4 less points than Larry Fitzgerald.
Throughout the draft and with 352 players taken, we had a strong enough team that we still won when studs were on a bye to be able to wait for Mendenhall to heal. After week 13, we have won eleven games in a row, have the best record and the most fantasy points. It wasn't my intuition that built this team. The Machine’s math guided every decision. I only had to decide on the players I felt good about among The Machine’s top recommendations. Here's where we stand in our divison at the start of the 14th week:

As a generally successful veteran fantasy player, placing our leagues winning chances on a software tool was not easy for me at first.  Fortunately with The Machine, you don't have to just chance it. It's become the voice that I do listen to though. Sort of like my very own fantasy football HAL.