To Our Customers,

We want to thank you for making last September another great month for Advanced Sports Logic.

The momentum of August has continued. In CBS App Central, sales of The Machine: Draft and The Machine Total are winding down, and The Machine: Waiver, The Machine: InSeason, The Machine: Trade and The Machine: Lineup have risen to four of the top six most popular Apps, including number 1 and number 2. Sales of The Machine at MyFantasyLeague and RealTime Fantasy Sports have continued at a strong pace right through the end of the month.

We are excited about our latest product offering, Trade Judge, now available in CBS App Central and soon to be available with RealTime Fantasy Sports and MyFantasyLeague. At $9.95 per license, and designed to be available to every player in your league (coming soon), it is a bargain when it comes to resolving divisive trade disputes. Customers of The Machine have been asking for this product for a long time. Since it's a judge, it conforms to our highest standards of mathematical analysis and has taken us some time to get it right.

So how are teams performing that used The Machine for their draft? Let me first give you a preview of how one of our company leagues is doing in its division in the FSTA Experts Picks league. Click the Read More button to see how we're doing overall.

We also roll up overall numbers up twice a year, once after week 6 and once at the end of the season. However, I play in nine fantasy highly competitive leagues; have watched only half a football game all year (I love football – but working hard to make The Machine better takes all my time); and exclusively use The Machine and just basic news to make all my player decisions.

So far this season, I have won 20 of 32 matchups, 63%. I had three league high scores in week 4, I have the highest fantasy point total in three of my leagues and the 2nd highest fantasy point total in two of my leagues. My 9th league is an elimination league, and my team there as not been eliminated and is among the top of the pack.

One of the leagues includes the FSTA Experts Picks league where The Machine has gone 3-1 and has the second highest fantasy point total. Check out the current standings in the screenshot below.

We look forward to making the 2013 version of The Machine available this month.  Going forward, The Machine will be available all year long with a heavy emphasis on support for keeper and dynasty leagues.  The features we have in store for 2013 will make The Machine an indispensable part of your keeper and dynasty league strategies!

Leonard LaPadula
Founder, Advanced Sports Logic, Inc.