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To Our Customers and Partners,

Members of Advanced Sports Logic’s (“ASL”) team recently attended the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (“FSTA”) 2014 summer conference in San Francisco. Attending the conference afforded us several exciting opportunities, including:

Starting with the FF2013-1130.1145 release of The Machine, check out the new and improved Beta version of Waiver Recommendations! Waiver add/drops can now be done inside The Machine for CBS Sports Fantasy Football leagues.

Waivers Beta

Note: MyFantasyLeague and RealTime Fantasy Sports coming soon. Stayed tuned!

Good luck in the playoffs!

Josh RabittLast year, we had one customer that used The Machine to manage 111 fantasy football teams. So, I suppose the 55 dynasty teams that I have been managing for the last 6 years pale in comparison to that. Nevertheless, whether managing 100 teams or only 1 team, everybody wants to take advantage of any possible method to give their team the best chance of winning.

Trades are often forgotten because of the time it takes to find trades that not only improve your team, but also another team will accept. This is especially true for dynasty teams in the off-season. As for me, I simply have not had the time to devote to make trade proposals for 55 dynasty teams this time of year, and it bothers me because it is like leaving money on the table.

When you think about it, the off-season is really the right time of year to focus on trades. The regular season is 17 weeks, players are getting injured, you are performing waivers, starters are locked from Thursday to Monday night, and the league dynamics change. The best time of year to do trades is the other 35 weeks of the year, where you can offer a trade, and go back and forth with other teams over several weeks without the whole picture changing every couple of days.

Last year ASL had cutting-edge trade features, including the "Trade Recommendations" feature. However, it had some limitations that left room for improvement. Since I work for most cutting edge fantasy site on the planet, I was able to propose improvements to ASL's "Trade Recommendation" feature, and led the development team to get it done!

The new feature is called "Trade Finder" and the improvements are simply amazing! When the development team finished its work, it was like Christmas morning for me as a dynasty fantasy team manager. Before working for ASL, I never could have imagined a tool this powerful and easy to use that can search my league to find fair trades for me to propose.

But don't take my word for it. Take a look at video below to see it in action!

Joshua Rabbitt
Product Manager

The Advanced Sports Logic team is pleased to announce that The Machine is now available for the 2014 season for RealTime Fantasy Sports,, ESPN and Yahoo leagues! Get your 2014 licenses for The Machine now and use it for the rest of the 2013 season for FREE!


Get your 2014 licenses today!

Customer Win Prob Trends Fa


If there is one thing that matters to the team at Advanced Sports Logic, it is that our products help our customers win. The team is steeped in quality improvement practices and one of the well-known rules for achieving high quality is “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. That’s why, early in 2011, we built a win probability metric system to capture how well our customers are doing.

Advanced Sports Logic is pleased to announce the FREE Beta version of The Machine: Mobile app is now available for our current customers of The Machine for MyFantasyLeague, ESPN and Manual Mode leagues! The Machine: Mobile app gives you convenient access to the inseason features you use most in the desktop version. We've heard some great feedback from our early users, and now we want you to try it out and send us your feedback as well. Get the app for your Android phone today:

Get the app for your Android phone today

The Machine: Mobile for iOS devices is in development and the beta version will be available soon for customers of The Machine for MyFantasyLeague, ESPN and Manual Mode leagues. Please stay tuned.

Not using The Machine yet? Get a copy of The Machine here!


To our Customers and Partners,

Thank you for helping to make 2013 a banner year for Advanced Sports Logic. Some of the major milestones we accomplished are:

  • Improved League Support: We refined our support with all league providers, especially with ESPN and Yahoo leagues.
  • Better Player Projections: We added Pro Football Focus and Fantasy Football Metrics to the mix of FantasySharks and CBS Sports writers, Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard, and Nathan Zegura as our projection providers. We also improved our blending methods and overall projection quality.

>We have some big updates for The Machine version FF2013-1005.1823:

  • The Machine just got smarter! Now with projections from Fantasy Sports writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, and Nathan Zegura!
  • In CBS Sports and RealTime Fantasy Sports leagues, The Machine now has the ability to set the lineup in your league. Try out this NEW feature from the Starting Lineup Recommendations page. (Update: MyFantasyLeagues now support this NEW feature starting in version FF2013-1008.1428)
  • The Machine now also understands when players are "locked" due to the kickoff of the games.
  • The Machine now follows your lineup on the League Setup -> Current Week Lineup page.

The Machine just got smarter! Starting with version FF2013-1209.1507 of The Machine, you can now automatically cycle through all of your, RealTime Fantasy Sports, and fantasy football leagues and have The Machine automatically submit an optimal starting lineup.

Get started by going to the Starting Line-Up Recommendations page and clicking Start Auto-Cycle.

Auto Cycle

Trade Judge 2013 is now available for MyFantasyLeague, Yahoo and ESPN leagues.
For more information on how this app will help in your leagues, go to: