San Francisco, CA – At the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Conference, Advanced Sports Logic, Inc. (ASL) announced I/T Solution services, leveraging its own infrastructure to help small and medium fantasy sports companies overcome I/T challenges.

The fantasy sports industry comprises several well-established league providers and many smaller companies focused on content such as player news, analysis and projections. Today, ASL opened its door for smaller companies to benefit from its comprehensive set of I/T solutions and infrastructure. ASL’s solutions include the following:

  • the ability to convert a static website to a responsive design without changing the source website
  • advanced purchase flows
  • a mature customer support system
  • deep integration with league partners, such as scoring rules, rosters, matchup schedules allowing smaller companies to personalize their content
  • referral tracking and integrated business metrics
Fantasy Sports I/T Infrastructure Services
ASL I/T Infrastructure Solution

John Mincarelli, CIO of ASL said, “The Information Technology (I/T) gap between established fantasy sports companies and industry startups is widening at an exponential pace.  Without experience building I/T platforms and automation, it is easy to underestimate the level of difficulty and complexity to overcome all of the modern I/T challenges. The natural tendency for a startup founder is to focus on building a content-based website and to hire part time contractors to fill the immediate known I/T gap. Founders quickly realize I/T is their bottleneck to growth, but they don’t have the expertise or resources to architect the full solutions required for optimum growth. So, this is where we envision ASL is poised to lead with world class implementations. At perhaps less than the cost of a fulltime I/T expert, a smaller company can benefit from leveraging a fully mature system and team of I/T experts to enable faster growth with a lot less pain and investment.”

Fantasy Football Sports Injury Predictor
Sports Injury Predictor Webpage
Fantasy Sports Responsive Website Design
ASL Responsive Webpage Filter

Leonard LaPadula, CEO of ASL, adds, “I started ASL in 2009 after my prototype of The Machine proved itself in my person fantasy league. I thought ‘Eureka!’ I have the recipe for a great company. While that technology has proven out well, I entirely underestimated the I/T challenges to get where we are today. Thanks to John's background and involvement ASL has been able to build the comprehensive system we have today. So why would we want to share this with other companies in the industry? ASL is a partner-oriented company. We have core competencies which we believe are unique in the industry and we will stay within the bounds of those core competencies. For everything else we like to partner. This brings the richest experience to our end-customers and enables faster growth for ASL and its partners. We have seen other companies struggle with the same I/T challenges we have faced, so opening up ASL’s I/T is clearly a win-win-win situation, where our partners, customers and ASL all benefit.”