Rochester, N.H. (April 8, 2014) – Advanced Sports Logic, Inc., the leading innovator in fantasy sports automation, announced that they are deepening their partnership with Pro Football Focus Fantasy, a premier provider of fantasy football analysis.

Pro Football Focus Fantasy (PFFF) will provide award-winning NFL player projections for integration with Advancved Sports Logic's (ASL) fantasy football tools. In addition, ASL will apply its technology to create a premium product PFF Fantasy Gold app for PFFF that can integrate with ASL products and port to league provider websites, such as CBS Sports App Central.

Mike Clay, PFFF said, “I am pleased to provide ASL with our player projections again this year and for ASL’s willingness to promote our PFF Fantasy Gold premium product. ASL has an intriguing partnership-oriented business model and fantasy team management technology. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.”

Leonard LaPadula, CEO of Advanced Sports Logic, said, “Last year, when we informed our customers that Pro Football Fantasy Focus would be providing projections, for the next two weeks a full twenty-five percent (25%) of customer inquiries were simply to ask when the PFFF player projections would be available in ASL’s products. One noteworthy aspect of PFFF’s player projections and content is that PFFF has access to deep game analytics of PFF Analysis Ltd. that are used by NFL teams, agents and NFL players. Combined with the attention to detail exhibited and commitment to quality by the PFFF team, it came as no surprise that PFFF won the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) 2013 ranking accuracy award. We are quite pleased to round out the player projection choices and premium content that we are able to provide to our customers with such a high-caliber company as PFFF.”