The Machine D Lu W T

The Machine: Draft Lineups Waivers and Trades 2014
Dominate Your League with THE MACHINE!

"The machine performs better than the humans... It has dominated the league every year"

It's like having a team of draft experts and statistical geeks in your war room and all season long

  • Easy to use! Automatically loads your league settings and rosters instantly
  • Win-based math coupled with statistical analysis from multiple experts maximizes your win probability with every recommendation
  • Dynamically changes draft recommendations real time and discovers the best players and draft strategy for your league
  • Fully assists with all in-season decisions: lineups, waivers and trades
  • Shows your win probability and your opponents' win probability live!

Had enough of decade-old value-based draft (VBD) products that are no longer competitive?
The Machine's win-based math has consistently doubled win-probabilities and has consistently performed well in highly-competitive public leagues.

And it's only getting better... Sports Injury Predictor's deep injury analytics are included free for a trial period, making The Machine the ONLY software product able to directly factor in probability of injury with real probability mathematics. Know the true value of back-up players and handcuffs.


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