Waiver Recommendations

The Machine’s waiver feature provides you with critical information to stock up on the best free agents, including playoff critical planning, giving you a stronger roster and the highest probability to win!

Whether you are using The Machine’s waiver feature as just one feature within The Machine or as The Machine: Waiver sold from CBS App Central, you are using the most advanced waiver recommendation system ever and the only one which uses win-based math.

The Machine performs the following steps to provide you with top waiver recommendations:

  • Measures each player’s contribution to your win probability by dropping one at a time and re-running The Machine’s win-based math
  • Enables you to set options to define how you want The Machine to create recommendations, such as for blind-bidding with rounds, or if you want to not add kickers or defense
  • Evaluates all top waiver combinations between the lowest value player of each position and top available free agents of each position
  • Sorts recommendations using an advanced algorithm so you can take full advantage of multiple waiver rounds in your league, including which round to drop and add each player so that you maximize your probability to win

Using three-year projections The Machine: Dynasty, optimizes waiver recommendations for your dynasty league, giving you a great advantage to balance the needs of the current week while at the same time building for future years

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