To Our Customers,

Thanks to you all again for helping to make October another great month for us at Advanced Sports Logic. We saw great results from The Machine in our company leagues, launched new products for MyFantasyLeague, and saw continued success for users who drafted with The Machine’s Draft Pick Recommendations.

Advanced Sports Logic Leagues

While a lot of notable things happened here at Advanced Sports Logic last month, the most exciting is that The Machine has taken the lead position in the 32-Team All-Pro Experts League. Here’s a preview of our current standings:

News Oct2012 Allpro

Stay tuned for a follow-up article that describes how one of our fantasy football experts achieved these excellent results with the help of The Machine.

New Products for MyFantasyLeague

In addition to the great results we’re seeing across the board, October marks the month when we launched two new products for MyFantasyLeague players.

  • The Machine - Fantasy Football 2013, the first of its kind, all-year fantasy football guidance tool is now available, integrated with MyFantasyLeague! Those that purchase The Machine for 2013 are able to use it for the remainder of the 2012 season and for all twelve months of 2013. During the off-season months, Advanced Sports Logic will continue to improve The Machine’s features for Dynasty and Keeper leagues, to give you guidance for the tough off-season keeper and draft pick trade decisions.
  • We also introduced Trade Judge into MyFantasyLeague. Now when one person purchases Trade Judge in MyFantasyLeague, everyone in the same league has access to it. Trade Judge puts an end to divisive trade disputes.

We are very close to completing The Machine integration with ESPN and Yahoo and anticipate both integrations will be available very soon for The Machine - Fantasy Football 2013.

Users Results After The Draft

News Oct2012 Prob

Last year, we did a mid-season analysis of how customers that used The Machine for their draft were doing after week six. We recently did this again for 2012 and saw that results were roughly the same compared with 2011, maintaining The Machine’s position as the winningest product available. The chart above shows win probability versus week.

In addition, we saw that significantly more customers trusted The Machine’s draft guidance for their draft in 2012 year compared with 2011, resulting in a significantly higher win probability for the average customer this year as the chart shows in week 0.

I am thrilled to see the progress we are making at Advanced Sports Logic. The Machine continues to improve, is now available for all 12 months of the year, is becoming integrated with more league providers and our customers are trusting it more and more. We look forward to achieving even better results and earning even greater trust through the remainder of this year and all of 2013.

Thank you again for another great month.

Leonard LaPadula
Founder, Advanced Sports Logic, Inc.

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